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Firm profile

Established by LarrainVial in 2005, one of the most prestigious financial institutions in Latin America, Activa SpA ("Activa") is one of Latin-America's largest and most diversified private equity firms.

Partnering with superior management teams and retaining industry specific knowledge are the key factors of our business. In that sense, Activa's main asset is the existing partnerships in GPs structures, which combines deep local industry understanding and global vision that relies on a top-flight management team.

Activa, through its team of in-house professionals, specializes in providing both financial resources and operational expertise to help transform undervalued and underperforming companies and assets into long-term success and value creation in each of our investment vehicles.

The firm's strategy combines deep industry expertise and local market experience; the flexibility to support all stages of company development; a long-term investment horizon; and fully aligned interests among our portfolio company management, limited partners and general partners.

Currently, Activa's portfolio comprises US$1000+ million capital commitments in six active investment platforms and 44 funds or investment vehicles across a range of industries, geographies, asset classes and investment strategies. These vehicles hold controlling interests in almost all their investments.

Our philosophy


To identify, acquire, manage and execute thoroughly in order to generate superior risk-adjusted returns to our limited partners through a comprehensive understanding of the companies, assets and situations in which we invest.


  • Act in the best interest of our investors. Treat our investor's money as if it were our own, balancing risk and reward.
  • Uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality.
  • Keep long-term investment horizon and focus on value creation.
  • Maintain alignment of interests between GPs and LPs at all times.
  • Leave the day-to-day operations to our partners and the management team. We recognize that outstanding companies are built by great executives, not great investors.
  • Help our partners realize their full potential.
  • Leverage know-how and synergies across structures.
  • Prudent use of leverage and financial technology.
  • Balance flexibility with appropriate mechanisms to work through the unforeseen.
  • Take personal responsibility and meet our commitments.
Activa Private Equity
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