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The creation of companies is a major challenge for all entrepreneurs. Once this first stage has been dealt with, when companies already present sales in their financial statements, the growth and capital involved become the major challenge.

In general, companies that operate in this niche present difficulties and shortcomings in different aspects: they do not have a professional administrative structure, they do not incorporate innovative technology and processes, they have difficulty in accessing financing at attractive rates, they lack long-term strategic vision and strategic direction.

The objective of Administradora Mater S.A. will be to meet the particular needs of medium-sized companies that require a strategic partner in order to receive support in negotiation and financial support for developing expansion projects, which have also proven to be successful in their undertakings.

The Fund seeks to contribute three fundamental elements

  • Capital with the objective of financing expansion and innovation projects.
  • Administration by incorporating professionals into key areas.
  • Strategic direction by forming a professional board of directors for the purpose of offering a medium and long-term strategic vision.

Main areas of interest

  • Medium and small-sized companies that undertake innovative projects, which are in their creation or expansion stage with sales that do not exceed 400,000 UF (US$ 18 million), and with less than 7 years in operation.
  • Industrial and service sectors, among others.

Markets of interest

  • Chile.
  • Peru.
Activa Private Equity
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