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Activa Private Equity

Activa Private Equity

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Flecha Private Debt

“Through 6 investment strategies, we provide financing opportunities to individuals and companies that have limited capital access and who provide attractive returns to our investors”.


Traditionally, obtaining financing in the middle and lower-middle classes has been particularly difficult, either for the purchase of a home or to refinance existing debts. The above is due to the low banking penetration in these segments. While there have been initiatives to "bankize" these segments, the knowledge and dedication required make large financial institutions prefer to focus on more traditional segments. Similarly, large commercial houses have entered these segments in a gradual manner, but always maintaining weaker credit policies and therefore granting more onerous financing. In Activa Private Debt we create different financing alternatives for companies and individuals, depending on their needs, present in different economic sectors and generating attractive returns with important risk coverage.

Our approach:

Growth strategy

Present in various sectors and segments.


Important risk management for our investors, through a consolidated credit committee.


With the rest of the areas of Activa Private Equity.


Track Record of our team and developed funds, with attractive returns and distinguished internationally.

Agility and flexibility

To create debt alternatives, providing customized solutions.

Our focus:

Private Debt seeks to provide financial solutions so that companies and individuals can grow and develop.

Personal Credits
Mortgage Credits
Corporate Credits

Personal Credits

  • Credits with discount per template
  • Credit Card
  • Automotive Credits
  • B2C Credit
  • Expired portfolios

Mortgage Credits

  • Bridge Credits
  • Complementary credits
  • Mortgage Credit with Credit Letters
  • Mutual Mortgage
  • Expired portfolios
  • Inverted Mortgage

Corporate Credits

  • Senior Debt
  • Bridge Credits
  • Project finance
  • Corporate bonds
  • Factoring / Confirming
  • Subordinated debt
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Distressed debt
  • Preferred Equity


  • Residential Property Leasing
  • Residential Property Leaseback
  • Operative Leasing
  • Financial Leasing
  • Automotive Leasing

Private Debt US$ 555 m

US$ 80 m

Residencial Property Leasing

US$ 264 m

Mutual Mortgage

US$ 104 m

SMEs Financing

US$ 72 m


US$ 21 m

Real Estate

US$ 14 m

Activa Private Equity
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